Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, looking directly at the camera and smiling softly

I am Eleanor Mann.

My journey with Breathwork began in 2004, with a dynamic breathwork session that sparked an immediate fascination and commitment to exploring the potential of the breath.

I met my teacher Alakh Analda in 2009, and trained with her in a parasympathetic activation style of Breathwork, going on to complete a Diploma in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery.  Alongside this I hold a BA of Soc Sci in Counseling, a BA in Psychology (Hons), and a Grad Dip of Child Centered Play Therapy.

"Training with Eleanor has been absolutely life changing. I have come out of if it with a clear life path & a life-long tool that will project my life forward in the direction I want it to go."

The last two decades have given me a huge range of experiences professionally, from managing teams of counselors responding to natural disasters, to play therapy with children in out of home care, to co-owning Blackheath wellness space Bright and Balanced Living.

Most recently I co-founded the epic movement that is The Reconnected and the highly acclaimed Reconnected Parenting program. Bringing breathwork and deep attunement to families lights me up and satisfies my sense of purpose deeply.

Having shared Breathwork with thousands of people around the world, I bring all of this practice wisdom to The School of Breathwork, guiding others to be incredible Breathwork practitioners…and it is an honour to connect with you here.

Eleanor Mann engaged in a one-on-one Breathwork session with a client, who is lying down with their eyes gently closed
Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, sitting on a linen couch, eyes closed, with her hands on her chest and belly
Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, sitting on a couch and smiling, eyes cast to the distance