Introduction to Breathwork

Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, sitting on a linen couch, eyes closed, in a meditation pose

Want to go deeper with Breathwork?

Join us for an Introduction to Breathwork Mastery.

“When people deeply resonate with Breathwork, they often know instantly that they are called to become a practitioner so they transform their own life, and then share the magic with others”  —  Eleanor

Where should I begin?

The best way to start is to join us for a 3 Month Online Introduction Course. A blend of personal Breathwork Sessions with three units of theory.

The Introduction Course is for you if you;

  • Want to explore Breathwork more deeply for personal growth.
  • Want to see if the International Certificate of Breathwork Mastery is for you, before committing to the full 18 Month program.
  • Want to keep growing and learning while you are on the waitlist for the full training program.

The 3 Month Introduction program is a blend of personal Breathwork Sessions, and three Pre-Professional Theory and Knowledge Units.

"Breathwork has changed my life on all levels! The support from Eleanor and the whole TSOB community is next level. I’m so grateful to have started this journey."
Brooke Fuhrmann

The Course Curriculum

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Pillar 1

Personal Breathwork Sessions

12 live group sessions with 6 participants for an immersive 90min Breath cycle.

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Pillar 2

Theoretical Skills & Knowledge

3 units of theoretical material and knowledge delivered via trainings & workbooks.

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Pillar 3

Community & Mentoring

Mentoring between sessions, and a Private Group Chat to build your community.

Detailed Course Outline

Pillar 1: Personal Breathwork Experience

3.5 hour live small group sessions, with a maximum 6 participants to allow for an immersive 90 Minute Breath cycle.

Pillar 2: Theoetical Skills & Knowledge

  1. Introduction to Breathwork Mastery
  2. Breathing Consciously with Intentions

Relationship with self – own body-mind, emotions and spiritual clarity.

What is the value of mindful self-awareness, or self-observation, and its ramifications? 

In this training participants discover how self-awareness governs personal and spiritual self-determination and conscious breathing expands self-awareness.

Through breath, the energy body frees reactive charges that keep in place limiting patterns and irrational states of thought. Individuals become freer to choose and act instead of react to events and circumstances.

This unit starts this process and opens participants up to how to be complete with unresolved past events, known and unknown, through conscious breathing.

The power of two personal and spiritual development tools, intention setting and conscious breath (as distinct from the automatic breath) are explored as keys to taking participants from surviving life to living it!

Are we our body, mind or spirit? This depends on our self-awareness.

  1. Levels of Inner Experience
  2. Variations in Breath
  3. Cellular Memory – the subconscious body-mind
  4. Reaction/Choice – free to choose or not?

Relationship with self – own body-mind, emotions and spiritual clarity.

In this unit, participants learn the power inherent in the breath and body signals and how to use both to be balanced and clear mentally, emotionally, physically and maintain spiritual clarity.

Participants are trained to clear body signals before or IF they become chronic pain or disease conditions and how irrational over-reactive states and limiting beliefs can be cleared at source.  The mind is affected by breath and breath affects the mind. This is the basis for breathwork mastery which is even more potent when combined with intention setting and awareness of body sensations

Most important in this unit is the comprehensive and in-depth information on the mental and emotional states that correspond to voluntary or involuntary breathing that is short or long, hard and forced and pressured or soft, relaxed and subtle, comes from the navel or the upper chest, suspended or split, and so on.

The application of breath in spiritual awakening is taught and the signs of spiritual development as well as secrets of longevity through breath itself. This information is key to using the breath to clear and be complete with unresolved past events and whatever is in the way of living intentionally.

  1. Reactive, Creative and Spiritual Relating
  2. Child /Adult – thwarted stages of development
  3. Father /Male role models, conditioning, epigenetics
  4. Mother/Female role models, conditioning, epigenetics
  5. Death, The Death Urge, Death of the Identity, Loss, Grief and Abandonment
  6. Birth, Transition, Change, Neuroplasticity and Birth Trauma

Relationship with others – clearing relationship issues at source.

In this unit, participants are trained to identify and clear relationship issues – major and minor in their own time and space, at their own pace, and how to support others to do the same.

Specific areas addressed are limiting conditioning, both individual and collective, in regards to being male or female, parenting, fathering and mothering, relationships both intimate, friendly and in the workplace, authority, past traumas or abuse from others – known and unknown, assumed identities or ways of relating to self, loss, grief and abandonment as well as transitions, changes, and birth of any kind.

Participants learn to clear issues from their side for themselves, without involving anyone else – and will find that other people become different! 

They also learn to recognize a healthy or psycho-spiritual transformational crisis in self and others, in the workplace, and give and get support appropriately.

Pillar 3: Community & Mentoring

Be supported in your process, apply Breathwork principles to everyday life and make connections with like minded peers in supportive group settings.

Meet Your Guides


Jessica Miller
Personal Breathwork Sessions

Jess Miller is an accredited RBM Practitioner who has worked alongside Eleanor since 2015. She has deep care and presence to your unfolding mastery with life and the breath. She is the lead Breathwork Facilitator at The School Of Breathwork for Stage 1.

Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, looking directly at the camera and smiling softly

Eleanor Mann
Theory & Knowledge

Eleanor Mann is the Founder and Director of TSOB, a Diploma Level RBM Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer, and has dedicated her life to sharing RBM with the world. She is currently the main Trainer of RBM globally, with the support of founder Alakh Analda.

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