International Certificate In Breathwork Mastery

International Certificate in Breathwork Mastery


Are you curious about what it takes to become a certified Breathworker?

Here you will find the full course outline for the International Certificate in Breathwork Mastery, offered in partnership with course copyright holder and founder of Breathwork Mastery, Alakh Analda.

What is Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery?

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM) is a conscious, connected body and breath technique which activates an inner non-mundane experience.

This results in a number of internal experiences. One is where thoughts, pains, memories or feelings or energies that have been held down with the breath, are able to surface to be released, cleared or resolved. The process is freeing of limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning.

This also can include the psycho-emotional aspects of your physical birth, in-utero experience and early infancy and their psycho-spiritual implications. The opportunity is to de-condition and reprogram self. In the non-mundane experience of a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery session, a new perspective to life issues emerges.

The continued process brings a point of choice or free-to-be-in-action instead of reaction to events and people. In a breath cycle of approximately 90 minutes’ duration, the full and connected breathing accelerates detoxification in the body. This cleanse extends from the physical into an emotional, mental and/or spiritual experience.

Nine defining points of Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM) as a strand of Breathwork


The instructions in RBM breath sessions are for full, conscious, connected, easy breathing.

The emphasis for each session is on you taking a step that is fully integrated by the end of the session. Time after the 90-minimum breath cycle, is given to debrief the breath session and to allow you to relate the content to your intention.

Subtle shifts are honoured and integrated as well as mild or intense releases all of which lead to ultimate resolution in time.

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery is about having your life go in the direction you intend.

"RBM Practitioner Training has permanently changed my life. I feel less reactive, more present, capable, and trusting of life. Eleanor provides a safe, supportive, and nourishing container for transformation."
Jessica Farrell
Jessica Farrell

The promise of the course.

Learn to harness the power of the breath to produce a positive and clear awareness of the process of life. Trust yourself completely as a Breathwork Practitioner and trust the process for others.

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Hello, welcome to the training! I am Eleanor Mann.

Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, looking directly at the camera and smiling softly

My journey with Breathwork began in 2004, with a dynamic breathwork session that sparked an immediate fascination and commitment to exploring the potential of the breath. 

I met my teacher Alakh Analda in 2009, and trained with her, going on to complete a Diploma in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery.  Alongside this I hold a BA of Soc Sci in Counselling, a BA in Psychology (Hons), and a Grad Dip of Child Centred Play Therapy. 

The past ten years have given me a huge range of experiences professionally, from managing teams of counsellors responding to natural disasters, to play therapy with children in out of home care, to co-owning Blackheath wellness space Bright and Balanced Living. 

Most recently I co-founded the epic movement that is The Reconnected and the highly acclaimed Reconnected Parenting program. Bringing breathwork and deep atunement to families lights me up and satisfies my sense of purpose deeply. 

Having shared Breathwork with thousands of people around the world, I now bring all of this practice wisdom to guiding others to be incredible Breathwork practitioners. It is an honour to connect with you here.

Alakh Analda

In partnership with Alakh Analda & Zentium International

Alakh Analda, initiated as a Yoga Swami in 1976, and since 1987, a Breathwork Mastery practitioner, Alakh is now a practitioner Trainer, since 1993, and the founder and director of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery.

Since 1987 Alakh has been facilitating Rebirthing Breathwork mostly from a Sydney base. Besides long term private breathwork practise, she has facilitated many hundreds of Groups, Weekends and Six Day Workshops in all parts of Australia, and also overseas, in Rebirthing Breathwork with Chakras, Meditation and Yoga and Kriya Yoga training.

The Course Curriculum

Award Of Degree: International Certification in Breathwork Mastery Practitioner and Facilitator
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Stage 1

Personal Breathwork Experience

36 Personal Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery sessions, either 1:1 or group format. RPE available.

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Stage 2

Theoretical Skills & Knowledge

7 units of theoretical material delivered by workbook and assessed by short answer test.

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Stage 3

Practical Breathwork Training

In-depth training with well-developed practical application, incl. individual supported client contact.

Detailed Course Outline

Stage 1: Personal Breathwork Experience

The foundation of a professional Breathwork Practice is your own personal relationship with your breath and learning to use the breath in your own life, to heal, clear subconscious patterns, and to live an intentional, creative life. We can only ‘hold space’ for what we have cleared ourselves. 

Create this foundation through Stage 1: 36 Personal Breathwork Mastery sessions, either 1:1 or in group format. 

RPE/RPL available.

Stage 2: Theoetical Skills & Knowledge

  1. Introduction to Breathwork Mastery
  2. Breathing Consciously with Intentions

Relationship with self – own body-mind, emotions and spiritual clarity.

What is the value of mindful self-awareness, or self-observation, and its ramifications? 

In this training participants discover how self-awareness governs personal and spiritual self-determination and conscious breathing expands self-awareness.

Through breath, the energy body frees reactive charges that keep in place limiting patterns and irrational states of thought. Individuals become freer to choose and act instead of react to events and circumstances.

This unit starts this process and opens participants up to how to be complete with unresolved past events, known and unknown, through conscious breathing.

The power of two personal and spiritual development tools, intention setting and conscious breath (as distinct from the automatic breath) are explored as keys to taking participants from surviving life to living it!

Are we our body, mind or spirit? This depends on our self-awareness.

  1. Levels of Inner Experience
  2. Variations in Breath
  3. Cellular Memory – the subconscious body-mind
  4. Reaction/Choice – free to choose or not?

Relationship with self – own body-mind, emotions and spiritual clarity.

In this unit, participants learn the power inherent in the breath and body signals and how to use both to be balanced and clear mentally, emotionally, physically and maintain spiritual clarity.

Participants are trained to clear body signals before or IF they become chronic pain or disease conditions and how irrational over-reactive states and limiting beliefs can be cleared at source.  The mind is affected by breath and breath affects the mind. This is the basis for breathwork mastery which is even more potent when combined with intention setting and awareness of body sensations

Most important in this unit is the comprehensive and in-depth information on the mental and emotional states that correspond to voluntary or involuntary breathing that is short or long, hard and forced and pressured or soft, relaxed and subtle, comes from the navel or the upper chest, suspended or split, and so on.

The application of breath in spiritual awakening is taught and the signs of spiritual development as well as secrets of longevity through breath itself. This information is key to using the breath to clear and be complete with unresolved past events and whatever is in the way of living intentionally.

  1. Reactive, Creative and Spiritual Relating
  2. Child /Adult – thwarted stages of development
  3. Father /Male role models, conditioning, epigenetics
  4. Mother/Female role models, conditioning, epigenetics
  5. Death, The Death Urge, Death of the Identity, Loss, Grief and Abandonment
  6. Birth, Transition, Change, Neuroplasticity and Birth Trauma

Relationship with others – clearing relationship issues at source.

In this unit, participants are trained to identify and clear relationship issues – major and minor in their own time and space, at their own pace, and how to support others to do the same.

Specific areas addressed are limiting conditioning, both individual and collective, in regards to being male or female, parenting, fathering and mothering, relationships both intimate, friendly and in the workplace, authority, past traumas or abuse from others – known and unknown, assumed identities or ways of relating to self, loss, grief and abandonment as well as transitions, changes, and birth of any kind.

Participants learn to clear issues from their side for themselves, without involving anyone else – and will find that other people become different! 

They also learn to recognize a healthy or psycho-spiritual transformational crisis in self and others, in the workplace, and give and get support appropriately.

  1. Mooladhara and Swadhisthana
  2. Manipura
  3. Anahata
  4. Vishuddhi
  5. Ajna & Sahasara

Levels of consciousness, a personal evolutionary journey.

Each of the six major Chakras has a frame of reference, a psychological aspect through which the world is perceived. 

In depth distinctions are given on the Chakras as windows of perception in humankind. Balance and imbalance in each Chakra is identified and how this relates in day to day personal and professional living.

Understanding the evolution of consciousness through the Chakras explains how some individuals take to a path of self-development, why, and some of what happens on the way. 

The daily Information and examples explain each refinement of energy which leads to awakening in the silent areas of the brain, and the qualities recognizable in people who have full awakening. Knowledge of a major Chakra element, sense, organ of sense, and organ of action supports linking physical symptoms to their psychological source. Participants learn simple spiritual practices for each chakra.

  1. Physicality 1
  2. Physicality 2
  3. Mental Power 1
  4. Mental Power 2
  5. Emotional 1
  6. Emotional 2
  7. Spirituality 1
  8. Spirituality 2

This unit offers in-depth training in identifying and utilising the levels of human experience – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – in day to day life and specifically in the breathwork technique of Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM). 

The focus is on how clients create and maintain clarity and balance and self-mastery in all areas of their life through breathwork mastery. Full training is given to support self and others to resolve physical pain, discomfort or past trauma, overloaded or unhealthy emotional states, limiting decisions and beliefs and losses of spiritual connectedness and inspiration through facilitated full, connected, conscious breath sessions.

Emphasis is placed on the value of identifying the process for self and others, and in RBM breath techniques that allow the interaction of each level towards resolution of issues, which may be over time. 

The focus of the strand of breathwork called Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM), is explored to support self and others in living intentionally through the application of breath techniques that can be practiced by any individual (no contra-indications), at any time.

  1. Wonderchild 1
  2. Wonderchild 2
  3. Psychic Ability 1
  4. Psychic Ability 2
  5. Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork
  6. Shamanism and Breathwork
  7. Universal Tantra and Breathwork
  8. Sexuality/Gender conditioning and freedoms

This training investigates the development of consciousness over the ages and in our current lifestyles through breathwork, and how clients uncover innate psychic ability, gender validation, authentic sexuality, and a universal tantric orientation to life. 

Included is the subject of wonderchild – cetaceans, homo delphinus and waterbirth, gentle birth, breath holding and the breath and consciousness connection in terms of human evolution.

Training is given in past life symbology and how it relates to the present life and unresolved issues. The parallel of breathwork experiences to shamanism and the traditional yogic practices.

  1. Metaphysics of a Breathwork Practice energetics and specific marketing
  2. Being in Practice, successful practitioner mindsets, niche
  3. Being in Practice, successful practitioner experiences
  4. Being in Practice, successful referrals/other modality differences
  5. Wellness Industry legislation and Safety in Breathwork practices
  6. Breathwork Mastery specific policies and safe procedures within a practice

What does it take to be a practicing breathwork professional, giving and receiving referrals and attracting clients in the physical realms through the metaphysical? 

What does it involve to have your qualifications mean that you are working “safely” within the framework of Workplace Health and Safety and yet what you are providing as a practitioner is far beyond the physical level for safety?

Contribute to WHS Processes and Manage WHS – training in these units of competency will be provided to you and assessed as part of unit 7.         

The training in this unit addresses the unique experience of offering oneself as a professional practitioner in a field where your own clarity is needed to be generated continually and where your practice is your spiritual path and spiritual service as well as the manifestation of your ability to live where you love with those you love, doing what you love and being remunerated financially as well.

Submit two written assignments (each approx. 150 words) that demonstrate you have an understanding of two topic areas within your study at the level of practitioner.

Short answer tests are to be completed and returned to your trainer and oral assessment during the class contact times plus a demonstration of your knowledge in your interface with clients during Unit 8.

Stage 3: Practical Breathwork Training

Practical Training for being in practice.

This unit provides in-depth training with a proven well developed practical application that includes marketing, enabling you to build your practice as you progress through your course.

Included is Supported Client Contact that increases your confidence step by step so that by the end of the training, you have had such a vast degree of experience and practice that you trust the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM) process completely, and yourself as an RBM practitioner.

This unit of training is focused on integrating all your skills to date and your previous life experiences, especially spiritual experiences, to blend with your journey in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery.  

You thus create your unique offering to others as a professional practitioner and facilitator.

Covered in detail is each element of skill and knowledge that is needed to interface with other practitioners and professionals.

All levels of communication are addressed in this training, including subtle, yet profound approaches to listening to individuals from a metaphysical perspective.

The training is directed to participants providing the quality of communication that increases their own personal and spiritual development and enables others to expand on all levels at all times.

Participation in the unit includes support for facilitating your own clients during the training so your reputation as a practitioner is already becoming established. This way, you can validly gain some financial return on your investment while you train.

Participants are trained and supported in creating win/win solutions renegotiating anything that is not working, and being to apply and facilitate consensus-based orientation. This win-win is in all areas of their personal and professional life. 

The intention is that you know and define your unique area of operation, so you are set up with your direction upon completion.

You become clear under which conditions you will set up your practice, and the format of your fees and availability, and how to use your developed skills to clear what is in the way of your business intentions.  You will be trained in how to include yourself, if it is your plan, in multi-disciplinary teams and centres.

You will also be clear you are responsible for your practice and all aspects of its unfoldment.  The Practical Training is to support you to know how to always live an intentional life and demonstrate that to others, authentically.

Unit 8 is self-paced external delivery. Although it can be started at any stage of the face-to-face units, it is recommended to be timed for the end of the face-to-face units, or after the end, so you can move straight into your professional practice when unit 8 is complete.

Includes 10 hours of 1:1 supervision as required during client contact. 

Note, student can make income from client generated fees – under certain circumstances – while under supervision.  

Final assessment includes a joint venture with trainer and student which includes profit share. 

Trainer costs (travel, supervision etc) for final assessment are not covered by the unit fee, but are considered an expense to be covered before the profit share.  More information on enquiry.

For assessment, for this unit, you will be required to successfully:

  1. Participate in 20 + exchanges / breath sessions as a breather, and 20 + as an ‘sitter’/facilitator.
  2. Assist for 30 or more RBM Group sessions (ie 6 group with five attendees), or the equivalent – may include credit for participating in a group verbal debrief at the conclusion of each training session.
  3. Complete a minimum of 6 monthly self-assessment forms in succession.
  4. Complete a case study from your own journal of experiences during your practice (approx. 1000 words). Some suggested topics shall be provided however the student is encouraged to liaise with the course supervisor on studies of specific interest / experiences within their practices.
  5. Market, organise and set up all aspects of client contact and co-facilitate supervised client groups or sessions. The number of client sessions as minimum is 50 client sessions total (ie. 10 groups with 5 attendees in each) depending on your previous experience. However, its highly recommended to do as much as possible.

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Meet Your Guides


Jessica Miller
Personal Breathwork Sessions

Jess Miller is an accredited RBM Practitioner who has worked alongside Eleanor since 2015. She has deep care and presence to your unfolding mastery with life and the breath. She is a lead trainer at The School Of Breathwork for Stage 1.

Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, looking directly at the camera and smiling softly

Eleanor Mann
Theory & Knowledge

Eleanor Mann is the Founder and Director of TSOB, a Diploma Level RBM Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer, and has dedicated her life to sharing RBM with the world. She is currently the main Trainer of RBM globally, with the support of founder Alakh Analda.

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