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Breathwork Practitioner Training

Study an International Certificate in Breathwork Mastery

Offered in partnership with course founder and copyright holder Alakh Analda.

The International Certificate in Breathwork Mastery has been offered globally since 1998, is recognised by the Australian Breathwork Association and meets standards outlined by the Global Breathwork Alliance.

Founder & Director Eleanor Mann, looking directly at the camera and smiling softly

Welcome, I am Eleanor Mann, director of The School Of Breathwork.

I am a counselor specialising in Breathwork, and hold a BA of Soc Sci in Counselling, a BA in Psychology (Hons), and a Teacher Trainer in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (having mentored with the founder, Alakh Analda.) 

I knew instantly that I would become a Breathwork Practitioner after my first session, two decades ago. It sparked an immediate commitment to exploring the potential of the breath.

Whether you feel called to dive deeper into Breathwork personally or are ready to embark in a new direction professionally, I am so happy to welcome you here to The School of Breathwork.

The School Of Breathwork



The School Of Breathwork

The School Of Breathwork is the leading training provider of the International Certificate in Breathwork Mastery. We also offer in-person sessions, global retreats, online courses and more.

"An incredible journey. Depth to the content & extensive practical experience. A new way of being – where I trust the process of life."